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Cinobufotalin, a cardiotonic steroid derived from toad venom, is explored for its potent anticancer, immunomodulatory, and cardiotonic properties, used in traditional Chinese medicine and pharmaceutical research to develop therapies for cancer and cardiac conditions.

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Cinobufotalin, also known as resibufogenin, is a cardiotonic steroid derived from the venom of certain toad species, particularly those in the genus Bufo. This bioactive compound has been extensively studied for its potent anticancer properties, alongside its traditional use in Chinese medicine for heart conditions and as a diuretic. Cinobufotalin exhibits significant biological activities, including inducing apoptosis in various cancer cell lines, modulating immune responses, and showing potential cardioprotective effects.

Cinobufotalin Key Features:

– Anticancer Activity: Demonstrates strong efficacy against multiple cancer cell types by inducing apoptosis and inhibiting cell proliferation.

– Immunomodulatory Effects: Modulates the immune system, potentially enhancing the body’s natural defense against tumors.

– Cardiotonic Properties: Used traditionally to strengthen heart function and treat heart-related conditions.

– Natural Origin: Sourced from traditional Chinese medicine, emphasizing the therapeutic potential of natural compounds.

Cinobufotalin Applications:

– Pharmaceutical Research: Investigated for its potential in cancer treatment, leveraging its anticancer and immunomodulatory effects.

– Traditional Medicine: Employed in traditional remedies for its cardiotonic and diuretic benefits.

– Drug Development: Explored as a lead compound for developing new therapeutics for heart diseases and cancer.

Cinobufotalin Functions:

– Targeting Cancer Cells: Acts directly on cancer cells to induce cell death and prevent cancer progression.

– Enhancing Immune Function: Supports the immune system in identifying and combating cancer cells.

– Improving Cardiac Performance: Strengthens heart muscle contractions, potentially benefiting patients with heart conditions.



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