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Why Dihydromyricetin is Effective Against Health Risks of Alcohol

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It is a well-known fact that excess alcohol consumption can cause major health problems, including liver failures and injuries inflicted in automobile accidents; but if you think that liver diseases and automobile crashes are the only risks associated with alcohol consumption then maybe you should think twice.

Let’s first understand how and why alcohol affects the human body adversely. Do you know the human brain has a receptor – GABA (A) which is responsible for controlling neuronal and network excitability? In simple words, this receptor has the power to control all your actions and when you intake a huge amount of alcohol, the molecules of alcohol block these GABA (A) receptors making it difficult to communicate with other organs of the body. Now you must have an answer to why you have a slurry voice and uncontrolled foot marks after chronic heavy drinking. Not only do these receptors take orders from your brain to other organs of the body, but also they carry feedback and reactions back to the brain that are usually lost after heavy drinking.

Medical science has researched well on alcohol consumption and they have associated alcohol with numerous other diseases affecting the heart, mind, and body of humankind. Over the years researchers have been finding out a way through which they can control this habit. I recently read an article published in " the Journal of Neuroscience " where they experimented on a traditional Chinese herb that has been used for centuries for curing the intoxication of alcohol on the human body and brain; in their research, they found out how dihydromyricetin (the Chinese herb) can control the effects of alcohol and decrease the human dependency on alcohol.

Imagine if with a little effort, you could control the effects of alcohol and you could easily loosen up your dependency on alcohol. Yes, dear reader, this is exactly how dihydromyricetin works and helps you regain control over your drinking habits and addiction to alcohol. Here is a list of health problems that you can avoid by adopting dihydromyricetin:

1.      Nerve Damage – I wonder if you know about alcohol neuropathy. It is a disease caused majorly because of excess alcohol intake, what happens here is when your GABA (A) receptors are continuously stopped from communicating with your other organs of the body, their working gets slower, due to which you wouldn’t feel sensations when they occur, instead you would feel them on a much later stage; the usual GI issues after alcohol consumption is a small example of the problem and as you grow older this can lead to nerve damage. Dihydromyricetin on the other side improves the interaction of your GABA (A) receptors and will work as an anti-alcohol agent. It not only prevents alcohol intoxication from affecting the human mind but also removes its effect and dependency.

2.      Dementia – Do you know that our brain shrinks every year that we live? Yes, it does, and at a rate of approximately 1.9% per decade, which is considered normal. However excess consumption of alcohol may take this rate to 5% as well, which can cause amnesia and complete memory loss. As we have already discussed how alcohol affects our brain and its receptors, it must be clear now why we tend to forget things we did, in the state of drunkenness. Dihydromyricetin reduces such effect and will also let you remember everything.

In summary, I would suggest the use of some pharmaceutical products containing this amazing compound dihydromyricetin. But remember it is not advisable to take any medication without a prescription and above all, remember the golden rule – precaution is always better than the cure, so it’s always better to quit alcohol rather than find a cure. Good luck!

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