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Polyphyllin II

Polyphyllin II, a potent anticancer and anti-inflammatory saponin from Paris polyphylla, is ideal for advanced pharmaceutical research and health supplement formulations.

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Polyphyllin II is a powerful saponin extracted from the roots of Paris polyphylla, recognized for its significant anticancer and anti-inflammatory activities. Leveraged in both traditional medicine and modern pharmaceutical research, it offers promising avenues for therapy development.


Polyphyllin II is integral to several key industries:

– Pharmaceuticals: Actively researched for its role in novel cancer treatment protocols.

– Nutraceuticals: Utilized in health supplements focusing on immune support and inflammation reduction.

– Academic Research: A subject of extensive studies to understand its therapeutic mechanisms and potential.


– Anticancer Activity: Shows strong cytotoxicity against various cancer cell lines, helping to induce apoptosis and inhibit metastasis.

– Anti-inflammatory: Aids in the management of chronic inflammation, useful in conditions like arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

– Immune Modulation: Boosts immune system efficacy, important in both cancer defense and general health maintenance.



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