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Polyphyllin I

Polyphyllin I, a potent saponin with powerful anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties from Paris polyphylla, is ideal for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

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Polyphyllin I is a bioactive saponin known for its significant therapeutic potential, particularly in oncology and inflammation management. Extracted from the roots of the herb Paris polyphylla, it is used extensively in traditional Chinese medicine and modern pharmacology.


Polyphyllin I is utilized in various sectors, including:

– Pharmaceuticals: Primarily used in research and development of cancer therapies.

– Nutraceuticals: Included in supplements that support immune system health and inflammation reduction.

– Academic Research: A focus of numerous studies investigating its mechanism of action in cancer cell cytotoxicity and immune modulation.


– Anticancer Activity: Demonstrates potent cytotoxic effects against a range of cancer cell lines, promoting apoptosis and inhibiting tumor growth.

– Anti-inflammatory: Effective in reducing inflammation, potentially beneficial in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.

– Immune System Modulation: Enhances immune response, which can be leveraged in both cancer treatment and general immune health.



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