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Clinodiside A

Clinodiside A, with the CAS number 916347-31-4, is a bioactive compound explored for its potential therapeutic applications in pharmacology and natural product chemistry, particularly noted for its interest in academic and scientific research sectors.

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Product Overview:

Introducing Clinodiside A, a distinctive bioactive compound with the CAS number 916347-31-4. Isolated from select botanical sources, Clinodiside A is at the forefront of biochemical research due to its unique properties and potential health benefits. This compound is of particular interest to researchers and pharmaceutical developers looking to explore novel treatments and health solutions.

Key Features:

– CAS Number: 916347-31-4, ensuring purity and consistency for research and development.

– Bioactive Properties: Exhibits promising biological activities that are currently under investigation for therapeutic applications.

– High Purity: Supplied with a guaranteed purity level, suitable for a wide range of research applications.

– Versatile Use: Ideal for pharmaceutical research, natural product studies, and health supplement formulations.


Clinodiside A has potential applications across various fields of research, including pharmacology, natural product chemistry, and healthcare product development. Its bioactive properties are being explored for:

– Pharmacological Research: Investigating therapeutic potentials and mechanisms of action.

– Supplement Formulation: Enhancing health supplements with natural bioactive compounds.

– Academic Studies: Serving as a subject for academic and scientific research to uncover new health solutions.

Safety and Handling:

Clinodiside A should be handled according to standard safety protocols for research chemicals. Users are advised to wear appropriate protective gear and follow safety guidelines to ensure safe handling and storage.



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