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Atractyloside A

Atractyloside A, a diterpenoid glycoside known for inhibiting mitochondrial ADP/ATP transport, is utilized in scientific research to study mitochondrial function, cellular metabolism, and energy dysregulation, offering valuable insights into the mechanisms of metabolic diseases and cellular energy production.

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Product Overview:

Atractyloside A is a toxic diterpenoid glycoside found in the seeds of certain plants, notably in the genus Atractylis, such as Atractylis gummifera. This compound has been studied for its potent effect on inhibiting mitochondrial ADP/ATP transport, leading to cellular energy depletion. Due to its high toxicity, atractyloside A is primarily used in scientific research to study mitochondrial function and cellular metabolism. It serves as a critical tool for understanding energy dysregulation in cells and can provide insights into the mechanisms of various metabolic diseases.

Atractyloside A Key Features:

– Mitochondrial Function Inhibitor: Directly inhibits the ADP/ATP translocase, blocking the exchange of ADP and ATP across the mitochondrial membrane, affecting cellular energy production.

– Research Tool: Valuable for studies on mitochondrial physiology, metabolic disorders, and mechanisms of cell death.

– Highly Potent: Demonstrates significant effectiveness at low concentrations, making it a powerful agent for in vitro experiments.

– Safety and Handling: Handled with extreme caution due to its toxicological profile, emphasizing the importance of proper safety protocols in research settings.

Atractyloside A Applications:

– Biochemical Research: Used to investigate mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular respiration, and energy metabolism.

– Metabolic Disease Studies: Provides insights into the pathophysiology of diseases related to energy metabolism, including diabetes and obesity.

– Cell Biology: Aids in the study of apoptosis and necrosis, particularly in contexts where energy depletion is a critical factor.

Atractyloside A Functions:

– Disrupts Energy Metabolism: By inhibiting the ADP/ATP translocase, it disrupts the normal flow of energy within cells, leading to energy starvation and potential cell death.

– Facilitates Mitochondrial Research: Enables detailed examination of mitochondrial function and its role in cellular energy homeostasis.

– Assists in Disease Mechanism Elucidation: Helps uncover the underlying mechanisms of diseases caused by or resulting in mitochondrial dysfunction.



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