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Aristolochic acid C

Aristolochic Acid C is a naturally occurring compound in the Aristolochia species, studied for its pharmacological properties and potential health implications, serving as an important subject for scientific research aimed at understanding its effects and ensuring safe use in herbal practices.

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Product Overview:

Aristolochic Acid C is a naturally occurring compound found in certain plants of the Aristolochiaceae family. Similar to its counterparts, Aristolochic Acid A and B, it has been the subject of scientific studies due to its pharmacological properties and potential health risks. Our Aristolochic Acid C product is intended for use in research environments to facilitate in-depth analysis of its biochemical effects, toxicity, and mechanisms of action, with an emphasis on ensuring safety and advancing understanding of its implications in health and disease.

Aristolochic acid C Key Features:

– High-Quality Research Grade: Suitable for comprehensive toxicological and pharmacological studies.

– Toxicological Insight: Provides valuable data on nephrotoxicity, carcinogenicity, and potential DNA damage, contributing to a deeper understanding of safety concerns.

– Mechanistic Studies: Enables exploration of the molecular pathways affected by Aristolochic Acid C, including its metabolism and interaction with cellular components.

– Safety and Risk Assessment: Aids in the assessment of health risks associated with exposure and the identification of biomarkers for early detection of adverse effects.

Aristolochic acid C Applications:

– Toxicological Research: Key for studies focused on evaluating the toxic effects and safety profile of Aristolochic Acid C.

– Pharmacological Exploration: Investigates potential therapeutic uses while carefully weighing benefits against known risks.

– Environmental Health Studies: Assesses the presence and impact of Aristolochic Acid C in ecosystems and its entry into the food chain.

– Regulatory Compliance: Supports the development of guidelines and testing methods for the detection of Aristolochic Acid C in herbal products.

Aristolochic acid C Functions:

– Understanding Toxic Effects: Examines the extent of kidney damage, carcinogenic potential, and genotoxicity associated with Aristolochic Acid C.

– Elucidating Biochemical Pathways: Sheds light on how Aristolochic Acid C interacts with biological systems, influencing gene expression and protein function.

– Enhancing Public Health Safety: Contributes to the formulation of measures to protect consumers from the harmful effects of Aristolochic Acid C contamination.



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