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Arenobufagin, a cardiotonic steroid from toad venom, is noted for its anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and cardiotonic properties, offering significant potential for cancer, cardiovascular, and inflammation research.

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Product Overview:

Arenobufagin is a cardiotonic steroid derived from the venom of the toad species Bufo gargarizans and other related species. It has garnered attention in the pharmaceutical and biomedical research communities for its potent biological activities, including anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and potential cardiotonic effects. Our Arenobufagin product is a high-purity compound intended for research use, providing a powerful tool for scientific studies aimed at exploring its therapeutic potential and understanding its mechanism of action.

Arenobufagin Key Features:

– Potent Anti-tumor Properties: Exhibits significant cytotoxicity against various cancer cell lines, making it a promising candidate for cancer therapy research.

– Cardiotonic Activity: May enhance cardiac contractility, offering insights into the development of treatments for heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

– Anti-inflammatory Effects: Demonstrates the capability to modulate inflammatory pathways, suggesting potential for anti-inflammatory therapies.

– High Purity for Research Use: Our Arenobufagin is sourced and purified to meet rigorous quality standards, ensuring reliability for experimental and research applications.

– Versatile Application: Suitable for in vitro studies, preclinical research, and as a reference compound in pharmacological investigations.

Arenobufagin Applications:

– Cancer Research: Ideal for studies focused on identifying novel anti-cancer agents and understanding the cellular pathways involved in cancer progression.

– Cardiovascular Studies: Provides a basis for exploring cardiotonic agents and investigating cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology.

– Inflammatory Disease Research: Can be used to examine the molecular mechanisms of inflammation and the therapeutic potential of anti-inflammatory compounds.

Arenobufagin Functions:

– Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth: Acts on cancer cells to inhibit proliferation and induce apoptosis, offering a pathway to targeted cancer therapies.

– Enhances Cardiac Output: Potentially increases the force of heart muscle contraction, contributing to improved cardiac performance.

– Modulates Inflammatory Responses: Interferes with specific inflammatory mediators, suggesting a role in managing inflammatory conditions.



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