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Sulforaphane (Broccoli Extract)


2% Sulforaphane HPLC 0.3% Glucosinolate HPLC

Botanical Source:



25 kg/drum


Stored in cool & dry places, protected from direct sunlight and heat.

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Sulforaphane (Broccoli Extract) Description

Sulforaphane is a natural compound found in cruciferous vegetables, especially broccoli. It is highly regarded for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. Research highlights its potential in enhancing detoxification processes, protecting against various forms of cancer, and supporting cardiovascular and brain health. Sulforaphane activates cellular defense mechanisms, contributing to its therapeutic potential in preventing and treating disease.

Sulforaphane (Broccoli Extract) Applications

Sulforaphane, a compound found in broccoli, is utilized across various sectors due to its health benefits. In whitening cosmetics, it’s valued for its antioxidant properties and skin health improvement. Pharmaceuticals leverage its potential anti-cancer, neuroprotective, and detoxifying effects. It’s also incorporated into healthcare products like dietary supplements and functional foods to enhance overall health and disease prevention. Additionally, medical research investigates sulforaphane’s therapeutic potential in treating a range of conditions and understanding its biological mechanisms.

Sulforaphane (Broccoli Extract) Packaging

1 kg/ aluminum foil bag, 25 kg/drum, or as required.
Our Sulforaphane is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.



2% Sulforaphane HPLC 0.3% Glucosinolate HPLC

Botanical Source



25 kg/drum


Stored in cool & dry places, protected from direct sunlight and heat.


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