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Baical Skullcap Root Extract

Clearing heat and dampness, purging fire detoxification, and bleeding. treatment for hot and humid, heat chest oue, hot and humid fullness, jaundice, hyperactivity cough, fever, polydipsia, hot spit blood bleeding at the nose, sore boils, and fetal irritability.

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Clearing heat and dampness, purging fire detoxification, and bleeding. treatment for hot and humid, heat chest oue, hot and humid fullness, jaundice, hyperactivity cough, fever, polydipsia, hot spit blood bleeding at the nose, sore boils, and fetal irritability.

Baical Skullcap Root Extract Safety Tips

Handling of Baical Skullcap Root Extract should only be performed by personnel trained and familiar with handling potent active pharmaceutical ingredients. Moderate to severe irritant to the skin and eyes.


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20%-95% Baicalin HPLC; 20%-95% Flavonoids UV

Botanical Source

Baical Skullcap Root, Scutellaria Baicalensis Georgi (Lamiaceae)


25 kg/drum


Stored in cool & dry places, protected from direct sunlight and heat.


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