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Bufalin is a potent cardiotonic steroid derived from the venom of the toad Bufo genus, known for its significant anticancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Product Overview:

Bufalin is a cardiotonic steroid and a major active component derived from the venom of the toad Bufo genus, particularly from the skin and parotid glands of Bufo toads. It has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, primarily for its heart-stimulating and anticancer properties. Recent scientific research has focused on bufalin’s potential to induce apoptosis in various cancer cell lines, making it a compound of significant interest in oncology. Our Bufalin product is extracted with precision, ensuring high purity for research and potential therapeutic applications.

Bufalin Key Features:

– Anticancer Activity: Demonstrates potent efficacy in inhibiting the growth of various cancer cell lines through apoptosis induction.

– Cardiotonic Properties: Historically used to treat heart conditions by increasing cardiac contractility.

– High Purity: Sourced and processed to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring effective and reliable research outcomes.

– Research Potential: Offers valuable insights into the mechanisms of action for new cancer therapies and cardiotonic agents.

– Traditional Basis: Rooted in centuries of traditional medicine use, providing a historical foundation for its therapeutic applications.

Bufalin Applications:

– Pharmaceutical Research: Investigated for its anticancer properties and potential integration into cancer treatment protocols.

– Cardiovascular Studies: Explores its cardiotonic effects for potential therapeutic use in heart disease.

– Biomedical Research: Serves as a compound of interest in studies related to cell biology, pharmacology, and toxicology.

Bufalin Functions:

– Induces Cancer Cell Apoptosis: Targets and promotes the death of cancer cells, contributing to anticancer research and therapy development.

– Enhances Cardiac Output: Increases the force of heart muscle contraction, offering potential benefits for treating heart conditions.

– Explores Mechanisms of Action: Provides a basis for understanding how traditional compounds can be applied to modern medical challenges.



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